I am using XeLaTex and the Memoir class. I redefined the footnote symbols like this:


However, this breaks the \ref number when I put a label in a footnote. See the MWE below. It should say "See page 1 footnote 1" instead of "See page 1 footnote 2". I'm also using the perpage package and option, but the error occurs with or without it.

What is the correct way of doing it? Any help is appreciated.

\usepackage{pifont} %Need circled numbers for Chinese style footnote 
\usepackage{perpage} %Renumber footnote on each new page
\usepackage{layouts} %To check page layout

%%% Book Layout %%%

%%% Footnote rule %%%


This is the first line\footnote{This is the first footnote.\label{ftn:first}}.

This is the second line\footnote{See page \pageref{ftn:first} footnote \ref{ftn:first}.}.


enter image description here

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\newcommand{\fnding}[1]{\expandafter\@fnding\csname c@#1\endcsname}

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