It's very common for people to add extra space for the integration measure, e.g.

\int_0^1 dx \, f(x)

I'm finding that I'm inserting a huge amount of small spacing. For example, I strongly prefer the divergence to be

\star \, d \, \star \, f

and on a Riemannian manifold I strongly prefer the integration measure to be

\int d^nx \, \sqrt{g} \, f(x)

Is there a way to tell LaTeX I always want a little extra space around certain things? I would prefer to not have to define new macros, i.e. to have to write

\int \dnx \sqrtg f(x)

because then I'd have to memorize a ton of new stuff. Ideally it would be possible to just specify a list, like

{ d^nx, dx, \sqrt{g}, \star }

and so on. Or maybe LaTeX could recognize a space in math mode as requesting actual space? Any advice here would be really appreciated, I'm typing a hundred of these annoying commas a day!

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