I need to write a similar equation which needs to be split such that left side is left aligned and right comes exactly under it .. will appreciate the help regards.


(too long for a comment, hence posted as an answer)

I suggest you (a) use an align* environment and (b) place the alignment character & at the start of each line:

& \Lambda(r\mid \psi, H) = \\
& \frac{1}{(...
  • It helped . but the equation number doesn't update in align* environment, so I used it inside the equation environment and then used aligned i.e. \begin{equation} \begin{aligned} & \Lambda(r\mid \psi, H) = \\ & \frac{1}{(... \end{aligned} \end{equation}
    – Shia
    Feb 13 '18 at 6:37
  • @Shia - Your write-up and screenshot didn't feature equation numbers; that's why I assumed you were interested in unnumbered equation systems. To assign a single equation number to the entire system, use either \begin{equation} \begin{aligned} ... \end{aligned} \end{equation} [as you mentioned in your comment] or \begin{equation} \begin{split} ... \end{split} \end{equation}.
    – Mico
    Feb 13 '18 at 7:40

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