I am writing a article include both mathematics and English. See my code below:

\usepackage[sc,osf]{mathpazo}   % With old-style figures and real smallcaps.
\linespread{1.025}              % Palatino leads a little more leading

\usepackage[margin=0.8cm]{geometry}% http://ctan.org/pkg/geometry

% Euler for math and numbers


\newcommand{\problemtitle}[1]{\gdef\@problemtitle{#1}}% Store problem title
\newcommand{\probleminput}[1]{\gdef\@probleminput{#1}}% Store problem input
\newcommand{\problemquestion}[1]{\gdef\@problemquestion{#1}}% Store problem question
  \problemtitle{}\probleminput{}\problemquestion{}% Default input is empty
  \BODY% Parse input
  \begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}{@{\hspace{\parindent}} l X c}
    \multicolumn{2}{@{\hspace{\parindent}}l}{\@problemtitle} \\% Title
    \textbf{Input:} & \@probleminput \\% Input
    \textbf{Question:} & \@problemquestion% Question


% No easy way of putting the theorem description in italics?
% It seems I need to define a new style...
   {\item[\hskip\labelsep \theorem@headerfont ##1\ ##2\theorem@separator]}% 
   {\item[\hskip\labelsep \theorem@headerfont ##1\ ##2\ \textit{(##3)}\theorem@separator]}



\title{Computing Prime Set In  $\mathcal{O}(k)$ Time}
\author{She ssrma\\~\\ shi.arma@iitgn.in \\~\\ IIdd Gandagar}

\date {Jan-2018}


\textbf{Prime Set} \\
\textbf{Input : } An array $N$ such that $N[i] = i, 2\le i \le k-1$.\\
\textbf{Find : } $Q_{k-1} = \{p \in [k-1] \mid p \text { \hspace*{0.001cm} is \hspace*{0.001cm} prime}\}$ \\

compiled doc is :

enter image description here

Question : How to correct misalignment (prime set is misaligned ) and there is a spacing problem where I have written $p$ is prime?

  • 1
    Putting \noindent before \textbf{Prime Set} will do the job.
    – user121799
    Feb 13 '18 at 13:43
  • 3
    Which spacing problem?
    – Bernard
    Feb 13 '18 at 13:44
  • see the in the last line of compiled pdf . I have written English inside { } p I s prime
    – new_born
    Feb 13 '18 at 13:45
  • But you adjusted the spacing by hand. What do you expect?
    – user121799
    Feb 13 '18 at 14:03
  • 1
    That's an accident, because you are inserting spacing both before and after \hspace. I guess you want just \mid p \text { is prime} (note the first space in the argument of \text) or maybe \mid \text{$p$ is prime}.
    – campa
    Feb 13 '18 at 14:19

I think you should set up a dedicated, two-column tabular environment. In the example below, the first column is of type l, and the second is of type p to allow for line wrapping, if needed.

Observe also that I recommend replacing

p \text { \hspace*{0.001cm} is \hspace*{0.001cm} prime}


\text{$p$ is prime}

Somewhat simpler, isn't it?

enter image description here

%% I've simplified the preamble to the bare essentials
\usepackage{amsmath} % for "\text" macro

\usepackage{newpxtext,newpxmath} % 'mathpazo' is obsolete
\linespread{1.025} %Palatino needs a little more leading


\multicolumn{2}{@{}l}{\textbf{Prime Set}}\\
\textbf{Input} & An array $N$ such that $N[i] = i$, $2\le i \le k-1$\\
\textbf{Find}  & $Q_{k-1} = \{\, p \in [k-1] \mid \text{$p$ is prime} \,\}$


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