In Beamer, I want slides with less text to appear bigger and those with more text to have smaller font size. Moreover, if I cut some text from a particular slide, rest of the text should appear bigger. Is this possible?

In powerpoint, we can increase text size by stretching the frame/ block containing the text.

  • I was wondering this as well. Not only to fit more text (that may be not recommendable for most presentations) but for enlarging when possible. I think it is not possible or very difficult but I am not a Beamer expert. Nevertheless, using \vfill among items may improve appearance. – arauzo Feb 14 '18 at 11:29

Quote from the beamer user guide:

Never use a smaller font size to “fit more on a frame.” Never ever use the evil option shrink.


   Some evil endless slide that is 5\% too large.
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