In Texmaker, how can put a new tag from the Structure tab -> User (a button on the left bar). Can I put a keyboard shortcut for this, and how? Thanks


Short version: read http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/doc.html#SECTION33

So to add a new tag to the User-panel, you right-click in the panel and choose Add tag:

right-click menu in user panel

You will then see this window:

add tag-dialog

It's not immediately obvious what to put in the Keyboard trigger field, but reading the manual gives a hint. You don't write a normal keyboard shortcut, you write a string, an identifier. For example, you can write foo:

add tag-dialog with content

To actually use this:

  1. Write in your document :foo, i.e. ` colon followed by what you wrote in the Keyboard trigger field:

    Texmaker window with :foo

  2. Hit the right arrow key, . This will insert the LaTeX content of the tag instead of :<tag identifier>:

    Texmaker window with text of tag, instead of :foo

  • Ok!+1. I have removed my comment. Thanks a lot and good work. – Sebastiano Feb 21 '18 at 10:11

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