I am currently trying to create an exam template for my institute. What I want to receive is like this:

Task 1 [8 Points]

(text text text)

Subtask 1.1 [3 Points]

(text text text)

Subask 1.2 [5 Points]

(text text text)

And the [8 Points] of Task 1 is actually the result of the subtasks 3+5 Points.

I've been trying to tackle this thing with the package 'calculator'. The problem was to update the final result of the task. Here is my short Latex script:


\section{First Task [\res\, Points]}
\subsection{[\temp\, Points]}
\subsection{[\temp \,Points]}

Thank you very much for your ideas!


There are many packages available for this kind of task (see https://www.ctan.org/topic/exam), but if you want to do it manually, you can use the xcntperchap package:






\section{Sectiona \ObtainTrackedValueExp{section}{points}}

\subsection{subsectiona \ObtainTrackedValueExp[\value{totalsubsection}]{subsection}{points} }

\subsection{subsectionb \ObtainTrackedValueExp[\value{totalsubsection}]{subsection}{points} }

\section{Sectionb \ObtainTrackedValueExp{section}{points}}

\subsection{subsectionc \ObtainTrackedValueExp[\value{totalsubsection}]{subsection}{points} }

\subsection{subsectiond \ObtainTrackedValueExp[\value{totalsubsection}]{subsection}{points} }


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