I am almost certain that the following used to work just fine. However, it certainly doesn't work any more.

I have workshop materials (based on UK TUG's) which use wrappers to input a common file containing the material for slides, handouts and notes. ignorenonframetext is used to avoid having the workshop exercises appear in the slides.

Last year, I started supplementing the handouts by adding appendices. This worked great. This also worked in November. It does not, alas, work now.



\begin{frame}{some frame}
some frame


some stuff

I first get lots and lots of messages saying

Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF string (PDFDocEncoding):
(hyperref)                removing `\translate ' on input line 20.

This message is repeated numerous times, with exactly the same line number.

This is followed by numberous instances of the following message,

Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF string (PDFDocEncoding):
(hyperref)                removing `\translate ' on input line 21.

with, again, the same line number.

After a while removing \translate on lines 20 and 21, TeX gives up.

! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [input stack size=5000].
<inserted text> 

!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

What has changed and what should be changing to avoid this problem?

I am compiling with pdfTeX. I get the same error with TeX, LuaTeX or XeTeX, however.


This was a bug introduced in beamer version 3.44. For the moment this bug is fixed in the development version of beamer (and probably in release versions >= 3.50?), see the related bug report at https://github.com/josephwright/beamer/issues/464

While using https://raw.githubusercontent.com/josephwright/beamer/master/base/beamerbasesection.sty the MWE compiles fine again.

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