Is it possible to set up the pdflatex compilation command to produce two pdfs, one being normally colored, and the other in greyscale? This would be usefull for CVs, for instance.

  • Do you mean for images included with \includegraphics -- if so see Is there a way to convert an image to grayscale?. For coloured headings, rules and the like, most (all good) designs will fail gracefully when printed greyscale, i.e. they will appear in a visible shade of grey. This certainly works well in the default moderncv template that I use. Colour graphics that print nicely in B&W are a good idea in general – Chris H Feb 20 '18 at 10:45

You can use two commands: If you use the xcolor package to produce colors and your file is named some-tex-file.tex, you can produce the colored PDF with

pdflatex some-tex-file

But if you use

pdflatex '\PassOptionsToPackage{gray}{xcolor}\input some-tex-file'

you get the same document in greayscale.

This will not change any images you include. If you also want to use grayscale images, look at Is there a way to convert an image to grayscale?.

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