I'm trying to fill out cells in several rows of my table, however, the color is not filling the entire cell. I can't explain myself why. Additionally, I want my table to be textwidth but it's not executed somehow. Maybe someone could help me understand what I'm doing wrong.

All help highly appreciated!

Here is the code:

\textbf{Author(s)} & \multicolumn{1}{l}{\textbf{RP}}        & \multicolumn{1}{l}{\textbf{PP}}          & \multicolumn{1}{l}{\textbf{ST}}  & \multicolumn{1}{l}{\textbf{HD}}                 & \multicolumn{1}{l}{\textbf{RT}}           \\ \midrule
AK         & Yes                                               & Yes                                               & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes                                               & Yes                                               \\ \midrule
SK         & Yes                                               & Yes                                               & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes                                               & Yes                                               \\ \midrule
MN         & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} No} & {\color[HTML]{333333} Yes}                        & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} No} & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} No} \\ \midrule
MS         & Yes                                               & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} No} & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes                                               & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} No} \\ \midrule
JB         & Yes                                               & Yes                                               & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes                                               & Yes                                               \\ \midrule
HL         & Yes                                               & Yes                                               & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes                                               & Yes                                               \\ \bottomrule

This is what I get



You're mixing and (mis)matching two visual metaphors in one table: (a) color, to highlight various cells (and even an entire column) and (b) the well-spaced horizontal lines of the booktabs package. Use one or the other metaphor, but not both. In the following screenshot, I show what may be achieved by using just color (or, should I say, scales of gray?).

I can't discern a compelling reason for using a tabularx environment here; in the code below, I use a tabular environment. If you believe the columns ought to be a bit wider, try adding the instruction \setlength{\tabcolsep}{12pt}. (The default is 6pt.)

enter image description here

\usepackage{array} % for "\extrarowheight" macro
\caption{My splendid table}\label{Tab1}
\textbf{Author(s)} & \textbf{RP} & \textbf{PP} 
    & \textbf{ST} & \textbf{HD} & \textbf{RT} \\[0.75ex] 
AK & Yes & Yes 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes & Yes \\ 
SK & Yes & Yes 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes & Yes \\ 
MN & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}No 
   & \color[HTML]{333333}Yes
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}No 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}No \\ 
MS & Yes 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}No 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{656565}\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}No \\ 
JB & Yes & Yes 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes & Yes \\ 
HL & Yes & Yes 
   & \cellcolor[HTML]{C0C0C0}\textbf{Yes} & Yes & Yes \\ 
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    nice answer, but after column headers i would add \hline :) – Zarko Feb 21 '18 at 18:57
  • @Zarko - Thanks. I actually think that whitespace is a more powerful visual separator here. Note that there are only two \hline directives, and their sole function is to provide a visual marker as to where the tabular material starts an stops. However, reasonable people (and even more so artists!) may disagree. – Mico Feb 21 '18 at 18:58
  • @Zarka and @Mico: Independently of the artistic preferences, I am in agreement with @Zarko when it comes to the additional \hline in the table – Jo-Achna Feb 22 '18 at 11:40
  • @Mico - Thank you for the elaborate and detailed answer. So me mismatching was the main problem. Good to know. The choice of using tabularx was dictated by personal habit. I am still wondering, why \textwidth is not doing its job. In my other tables, it works perfectly. Hmmm – Jo-Achna Feb 22 '18 at 11:43
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    @user3832272 - The tabularx environment failed to achieve the width of \textwidth because none of the columns were of type X (or, at least, derived from the X column type). – Mico Feb 22 '18 at 12:00

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