I am quite new in LaTeX. Recently I am preparing a manuscript for IOP journal publication. I am using a IOP template .tex file named IOPLaTeXGuidelines.tex which can be downloaded from IOP website. In conjunction with I also have to use harvard.sty and dcu.bst file for harvard-style (also known as authoryear-style) citation call-outs (with some modifications imposed by dcu.bst) as a requirement of the particular journal in which I will submit manuscript.

I have added a line \usepackage{harvard} in start of .tex file, and at the end before referencing I added \bibliographystyle{dcu}. And everything works fine. But now I need a referencing in main text without parentheses, like this -

       John et al. (2018) have shown that .........

But what I have is -

       (John et al. 2018) have shown that .........

I am using TexMaker. All the staffs like \textcite{}, \citep{}, \citealt{}, ... I have tried. But nothing seems to compile.

Any suggestion? Thank you in advance.

  • Welcome, please add a minimal working example along with a link to the journals template.
    – Johannes_B
    Feb 24, 2018 at 9:14

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Since you are using the harvard citation management package, you need to use


to create citation call-outs of the form

John et al. (2018)

It's actually not an iron-clad requirement to load the harvard package in order to use the dcu bibliography style. You could load the har2nat package instead (I will let you guess what it does) and keep using \citet, \citealt, etc.

  • If you're in the habit of loading the natbib package with various options, you should load that package first (with those various options) and only then run \usepackage{har2nat}.
    – Mico
    Feb 24, 2018 at 9:39

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