How to make a math symbol bold as well as non-italic in the math-mode of latex. I have been trying to both bold and non-italicize x and \theta using the following minimum-working-example. x can be bold or non-italicized but cannot be both. While \theta can only be bold but neither non-italicized nor both. What is wrong with the code and how should one do it?


    x ~ \bm{x} ~ {\rm x} ~ \bm{\rm x}

    \theta ~ \bm{\theta} ~ {\rm \theta} ~ \bm{\rm \theta}

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    \bm x produces a bold italic x. As to Greek letters, you have the upgreek package. However, I would advise against having both italic and upright Greek letters in a document. It would be quite confusional, in my opinion.
    – Bernard
    Feb 25 '18 at 11:26

A simple \mathbf and package upgreek for upright Greek letters (see Bernard's comment) are your friends:

  (x, \theta) \Rightarrow (\mathbf{x}, \mathbf{\uptheta})


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