I often use amsrefs for my bibliographies, and get the entries directly from MathSciNet. However, this often includes information I don't want to appear in my bibliography, such as MR numbers and DOI's, that amsrefs seems to print by default.

Question: Is there a simple way of telling amsrefs not to print certain data in the reference items? (besides commenting out/deleting said data from each entry)

Looking at the documentation, I suspect this is possible with the BibSpec command, though I don't quite know how. But even if one can do this with BibSpec I think one would need to do a BibSpec for each type of entry (article, book, etc), so if there's a "universal" way to do this, I would prefer that.

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    not tested: \renewcommand{\MR}[1]{} \renewcommand{\PrintDOI}[1]{} this is rather a sledgehammer, but if you want to get rid of them entirely, it should have the desired effect. – barbara beeton Feb 26 '18 at 16:50

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