I am trying to use write18 to crop a pdf. The code is






    filename: \filename

    croppedfilename: \croppedfilename

    \immediate\write18{pdfcrop mypath/myimage.pdf \croppedfilename}%

    \immediate\write18{pdfcrop \filename \croppedfilename}%



Here \the\pdfshellescape is 1.

The line \immediate\write18{pdfcrop mypath/myimage.pdf \croppedfilename} does produce my cropped pdf, but \immediate\write18{pdfcrop \filename \croppedfilename} does not. Of course I need the second version in order to put it into a command.


If you check the log, you'll see

runsystem(pdfcrop mypath/myimage.pdf mypath/myimage.cropped.pdf)...executed.

runsystem(pdfcrop mypath/myimage.pdfmypath/myimage.cropped.pdf)...executed.

Notice the lack of a space in the second line. What's happening is the usual TeX behaviour of skipping spaces after macro names: in your case \filename. Thus you need to make sure a space is 'seen' there:

\immediate\write18{pdfcrop \filename\space\croppedfilename}

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