I got this error while compiling a document using the IEEEcolor document class from the IEEE Author center:

Use of @argtabularcr doesn't match its definition. \subsection

What should I do to fix this error?

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My mistake was that I had copied the title of the paper into the \markboth command with an included line break since my title was too long to fit on a single line:

\markboth{IEEE Journal of This and That}%
{Author \MakeLowercase{\textit{et al.}}: My paper title that is too long\\for a single line by one word only}

Removing the \\ from the second \markboth argument fixed the issue

It was a bit tricky to find, since the compiler complained about the error a couple of pages into the document, at the point of the page break where the content of the second \markboth argument was to be used, while the offending command was near the beginning, before \begin{document}.

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