It seems that polymer brackets designed by chemmacros produce slightly thicker lines than the rest of the formula from chemfig. Is there a way to get polymer brackets with same line width as in the formula?

    \usepackage{chemfig} %Structural formulas
    \usepackage{chemmacros} %Polymer brackets


enter image description here


The brackets are not drawn with TikZ. chemmacros just provides an interface for an idea presented in the chemfig manual. There the brackets are math delimiters, basically something like

$\left.\vrule height<dim> depth<dim> width0pt\right]$

i.e., a zero-width vertical rule and an adjusted delimiter (similarly for the left bracket). This means you cannot change the line width of the brackets.

What you can do is changing the bonds' thickness with \setbondstyle{line width=...} (see the chemfig manual for details) instead.

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  • Good to know. Do you also know the exact thickness of this delimiters for the adjustment of the bonds'? – D5E Feb 27 '18 at 18:00

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