In my document I've added the code onehalfspacing but everytime I compile I get the following error message:

Missing } inserted. }.

Please see below an MWE:

\usepackage{graphicx, epstopdf}
\usepackage{booktabs,caption, makecell}
\usepackage[backend=bibtex, citestyle=ieee, bibstyle=ieee]{biblatex}
\usepackage[section]{placeins}%Allows you to permanently fix figures. 
\usepackage{titleps}%fancy page borders? 
\usepackage[left=2.8cm, right=2.8cm, top=3.5cm, bottom=3.5cm]{geometry}

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Grateful for any advice to fix this without making large scale changes to my document (it's a lage document and I'm paranoid there will be conflicting codes).

Thanks in advance!

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    Your code works for me out of the box. Is there a reason of loading caption three times?
    – user31729
    Feb 28, 2018 at 9:54

1 Answer 1


The setspace package defines

  1. \onehalfspacing, a declaration, and

  2. onehalfspace, an environment.

It's wrong using the former as if it were the latter. So use


If you want that the whole document is typeset in “one and a half spacing”, put


before \begin{document}.

  • Thanks @egreg! Using '\onehalfspacing' resolved many of the error messages I was getting in the document. Strangeley it brought back all my 'undefined citations' even though the two issues seem unrelated.
    – Kevin
    Feb 28, 2018 at 22:33
  • for my future lazy self: here's the package to be used for copy and pasting rather than typing it out: \usepackage{setspace} May 27, 2021 at 8:03

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