I have a scrartcl document (KOMA package). I want to change the DIV, making my textarea bigger.

I tried


But that does not change anything. When I try


I get

Option clash for package typearea

I do not understand that. How am I supposed to change the DIV in the KOMA class?

That what I load before \begin{document}


\setlist[mylist]{label=\textbullet, nosep, wide, 
                 after =\vspace{-0.8\baselineskip}}


Only if can not remove package geometry:

If you really want to use package geometry (e.g. to change the size of one margin) then add option usegeometry to the class options:

  usegeometry% <- added

enter image description here

If you can not remove package geometry because it is loaded by another package, then you can use \recalctypearea to overwrite the changes done by geometry:


You're loading the geometry package, which overrides the settings made by the class, remove it.

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