I have one problem with this code and special characters:


\newcommand{\avec}{\qquad \text{avec} \qquad}
\renewcommand{\harvardurl}[1]{\unpenalty\unskip\unpenalty}%remove url

\let\x@bibitem\bibitem% store original \bibitem
\def\x@getfirst#1#2\endgetfirst{#1}% macro that returns the first letter/token of its argument
\def\x@bibalph{}% previous first letter, initiated to nothing
\def\bibitem[#1]{% new bibitem
  \edef\x@bibalphtest{\x@getfirst#1\endgetfirst}% get the new first letter
  \ifx\x@bibalphtest\x@bibalph\else % if the first letter changed
    \let\x@bibalph\x@bibalphtest% update
    \subsection*{\x@bibalph}% and make the \subsection
  \x@bibitem[#1]% start the \bibitem itself


(The source of the code between \makeatletter and \makeatother is this answer.)

The code is supposed to print an unnumbered subsection-level header, consisting of a single letter (A, B, C, ...), whenever the alphabetical order changes in the bibliography. Unfortunately, the code appears to think that upper- and lowercase letters are different, and that's why there are currently 4 subgroups for the 6 references that start with the letter "V":

V - v - V - v 

enter image description here

The second problem is that the code gets tripped up if a surname starts with an "accented" character. E.g., the surname Černe gets entered as {\v C}erne for BibTeX purposes. In my bibliography, the "{\v C}erne et al" entry should be in the same group -- viz., "C" -- as the "Callon et al" and "Chae" entries. Currently, though, the code is not sophisticated enough to "realize" that {\v C} should be treated as C.

enter image description here

Question: How should the code between \makeatletter and makeatother be adjusted to make it insensitive to capitalization and to the presence of "accented" characters in the first letter of the first author's surname?

This is the file libraryC2.bib; it contains entries with authors whose surnames begin with C, D, and V. (The bib database is stored in Mendeley.)

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  • 1
    Did you try any of the solutions in the linked question using Biblatex/Biber? That's probably the way to go here, if you can, though it won't fix problems in the .bib itself. In any case, please provide enough bibliography entries in your question for people to reproduce without needing to tangle with dropbox, which many of us won't do. – cfr Mar 1 '18 at 1:53
  • 1
    Thanks. I know you didn't ask about the .bib file, but the problems @Mico pointed out will prevent you from getting the correct results and will complicate your efforts to determine what is causing oddities in the output. That is, you can't expect to get sensible output if you don't feed in sensible input. That's not necessarily related to the issue you're asking about, although inconsistent mark-up of names might possibly be part of the cause, but still presumably important to you actual purposes :-). – cfr Mar 1 '18 at 17:14
  • 3
    Some of the problems are the direct result of poor coding practices. E.g, writing {Van de Ven}, A. H. is just pointless and is asking for trouble. Write Van de Ven, A. H., etc and you'll be fine. It really isn't good practice to wantonly add brace groups in a bib file. – Mico Mar 1 '18 at 21:36
  • 1
    I've taken the liberty of editing your posting further, both to simplify the exposition (and the LaTeX code) and to pose the question you wish to answer much more directly. I hope you're OK with that. – Mico Mar 1 '18 at 22:27
  • 1
    Hello @Mico! Thaks a lot for your edition and corrections in latex code and question. Great! I use sharelatex with Mendeley integration for references management (I have more of 1500 references, book or articles, in pdf ou djvu format). The bib file is generated automatly by Mendeley. – Vie d'Or d'Heureux Mar 2 '18 at 7:54

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