In the next MWE, the test provided on a macro parameter gives the expected answer (it finds if the parameter begins with a (), but the same test fails on or ignores the pgfkey it has to test.

This is a minimal example, it is to finish my answer to this question : How to define at tikz style option to draw a dimension line between to specific points

enter image description here




    Cote/.style={to path={\pgfextra{
               \draw[>=latex,|<->|] let
    in(\p1) -- (\p2) node[pos=.5,sloped,above]{%
    \expandafter\Cote\expandafter{\@aspect} -- 
        }(\tikztostart) -- (\tikztotarget) \tikztonodes}}

    aspect/.store in=\@aspect,





\verb+\Cote+ : \Cote{(F)} -- \Cote{F} : The test gives the expected answers

\verb+\Codetis+ : \CoteBis{$\pi$}<(F)> -- \CoteBis{$\pi$}<F> : The test gives the expected answers


In the \verb+\Cote+ macro, the test gives the expected answers

In the \verb+\CoteBis+ macro, the test gives unexpected answers


\path[Cote/aspect=F] (0,0) to[Cote] (5,0) ;
\path[Cote/aspect=(F)] (0,1) to[Cote] (5,1) ;

Two issues:

  • \CoteBis is never called in the TikZ style Cote. I assume the second \Cote should be \CoteBis.

  • \expandafter only jumps over one token, not a group of tokens. Thus, the line


    needs much more calls of \expandafter (and probably \CoteBis instead of \Cote):


The result:

Fixed result

  • Sorry, post the wrong code. I made the corrections. – Tarass Feb 28 '18 at 19:26
  • @HeikoOberdiek I try to adapt your solution to my code here, but it still not working. Could you take a look, please ? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/417617/… – Tarass Feb 28 '18 at 19:35
  • Thanks. (Sorry, can't upvote again for the fix.) I'll try to remember about the typos - just some people don't like anybody to touch their answers, even for typos. (Personally, I'm happy if somebody does this for me!) – cfr Feb 28 '18 at 23:04

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