I am attempting to adapt this letterhead template on Overleaf for my personal use. I need to produce a two-page letter, with the second page having one-inch margins top and bottom. I have attempted to alter brownletter.cls commands related to the empty pagestyle without success. If I comment out lines 93-107 in the .cls file, the header space is reduced, but not the footer space. How can I adapt the main .tex file or .cls class file for the desired result?

For example, editing the main.tex file to include the below code produces a document with large top and bottom margins on the second page, pushing text onto a third page. I want to consolidate to two pages.



\name{Nesime Tatbul} % used as signature, if no signature is specified

\signature{Nesime Tatbul\\ Tex Merc}

\date{December 15, 2003} % if no date specified, today's date is used 


\begin{letter}{Prof. Eli Upfal\\ 
               Brown University\\ 
               Box 1910\\ 
               Providence, RI 02912}

\opening{Dear Sir,}


Thank you for your consideration.




I thought I could reduce this space by editing this code in brownletter.cls


I can reduce the top space by changing \headheight to 0.5in, but the space is pushed to the bottom. I tried adding a longer \textheight parameter to this snippet defining the empty page style, but this also increased the text height for the first page, pushing the text past the bottom margin.

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