We are currently writing a journal paper using the IEEETran class. Typically we would use the \markboth command to add the journal name and paper title to odd and even pages. We are using Overleaf with the LaTeX engine being pdfLaTeX (or Choose Automatically whatever it picks for that).

In this particular paper, the paper title is quite long, so when adding the command:

\markboth{IEEE Journal Name }%
{Person \MakeLowercase{\textit{et al.}}: I am a journal paper name which is quite long. Of course I am not the actual name of the paper but I have an identical length in characters...}

The resulting odd page title is more than a page wide, but doesn't wrap meaning that it simply disappears off the side of the page.

I've tried adding a \protect\\ new-line to the \markboth command, but that is simply ignored.

Is there any way to make long titles wrap onto a second line?

  • I would let the journal worry about details like that. You could try putting the title into a \parbox, but then it would be too tall. – John Kormylo Mar 1 '18 at 17:09
  • The best solution would be to cut off the end of the title and add etc. or yada yada yada ;-) – John Kormylo Mar 1 '18 at 17:11

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