I've been modifying a custom Beamer template called Metropolis by trying to add the navigation dots to the top of each slide. However, the dots are not appearing centered below the text. enter image description here

Anyone know how to fix this? I've tried the solution posted here without success.

Here is my code:

% Must be Compiled with with LuaLaTeX (x2) then View the PDF to get the     Custom Font

% Theme Setup %
\usetheme[progressbar=frametitle, titleformat=smallcaps, sectionpage=none]{metropolis}
\useoutertheme[subsection=false, footline=authortitle]{miniframes} 

% Packages %


% Code to Add Navigation Dots to the Default Metropolis Theme %
% This section removes the navigation dot for the title page

% This section adds the navigation dots for all slides
\usepackage{remreset}% tiny package containing just the \@removefromreset command


I found an answer to this question here. Adding this code fixed it:

\usepackage{remreset}% tiny package containing just the \@removefromreset command
\beamer@compresstrue # THIS LINE FIXED THE ISSUE
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