I'm new to LaTeX and the program TeXShop for mac. I'm currently trying to write a lab report and trying to get a grasp on how to compile references on TeXShop using a .bib file. (if that makes sense)

I'm having several issues that I've tried searching answers for, but for some reason, there aren't a lot of ACS sources or explanations.

First, I'm using the achemso package to get the citations in the correct format with \bibliographystyle{achemso} followed by \bibliography{name of file.bib}. I've tried doing the several steps with compiling followed by the drop down macros menu Bibdesk and compiling several more times. my references do not appear with the console giving me several errors that I do not understand.

I'm hoping someone can help me understand what exactly I'm doing wrong.


\usepackage[hang, small,labelfont=bf,up,textfont=it,up]{caption} 
blah blah blah.\cite{1}
\bibliography{Dehydration of 2-Methyl-2-Butanol}
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    I can't help with texshop as I use a different editor but assuming you have some \cite in your document, the process is latex (to extract the list of cite) then bibtex (to generate a bibliography for the cited works using information in the bib file), then latex again (to typeset the document including the generated bibliography). – David Carlisle Mar 3 '18 at 20:58
  • when I try to generate the bibliography the console gives me errors such as This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (TeX Live 2017) The top-level auxiliary file: Untitled.aux The style file: achemso.bst White space in argument---line 25 of file Untitled.aux : \bibdata{Dehydration : of 2-Methyl-2-Butanol} I'm skipping whatever remains of this command I found no database files---while reading file Untitled.aux Warning--I didn't find a database entry for "1" achemso 2017/05/18 v3.10i (There were 2 error messages) – Christopher G Mar 3 '18 at 21:11
  • don't put spaces in your \cite command (and is your main TeX document really called Untitled.tex ? – David Carlisle Mar 3 '18 at 21:12
  • it is hard to help as you have shown no code but \cite should just take an arbitrary identifier like \cite{abc} with a matching @misc{abc, .....} in the bib file. – David Carlisle Mar 3 '18 at 21:15
  • It is for now... i had to remake the whole document. How would I show you the code? Just copy and past? – Christopher G Mar 3 '18 at 22:12

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