Say I've added a bookmark (by pressing Shift-F1) in v1.lyx. I can press Ctrl+1 to go to that bookmark.

I now save this file as v2.lyx. While I have v2.lyx open, I expect that Ctrl+1 again brings me that bookmark in the file v2.lyx. But instead, it brings me to the bookmark in v1.lyx.

Is there any way to do what I want? Or does this feature not exist yet in LyX?

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This functionality does not exist in LyX. The only workaround is to manually edit the bookmarks. This information is stored in the "session" file inside your user directory (see Help > About in LyX for where this directory is). That file contains (among other things) the following contents:

0, 10, 1, /home/scott/Desktop/v1.lyx
1, 7, 3, /home/scott/Desktop/v1.lyx

You can just change "v1" to "v2.

I don't imagine this would be worth your time to do manually. If you happen to use Linux, starting with LyX 2.3.2 (which contains this enhancement), it would be possible to make this update automatically.

Edit: An enhancement request for this behavior has been opened here.

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