I've had a look at the other double subscript error questions here and they don't seen to solve my error. When I simplify what I want the suggested answer works, but then I don't get what I would like to display.

n_{\ce{NH3}}=n_{\ce{NH3}_\text{initial}}-n_{\ce{HCl}}=0.3\text{ milimoles}\\

What I'd like it to have the moles of NH3 subscripted by the word initial. If I remove the \ce command it works but messes up the representation of the NH3.

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    Try adding an extra brace layer: n_{\ce{NH3}}=n_{{\ce{NH3}}_\text{initial}}-n_{\ce{HCl}}=0.3\text{ milimoles}. – Peter Grill Mar 5 '18 at 6:41
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