I'm making documentation for data communication protocol and trying to make a table column which shows an offset of the message fields, calculated for each field (table row) and takes field width instead. For offset calculation I made a counter, which keeps current offset, and define new command:

{\thebytepos--\the\numexpr\value{bytepos} + #1 - 1\relax\addtocounter{bytepos}{#1}}%

I also define new column type, which should call my command for every item in the column:


For populating table I use next sample code:

  2 & Start mark   \\
  8 & Message data \\
  4 & Service info \\
  1 & Checksum     \\
  1 & End mark

It should be compiled as like as

   0-- 1 & Start mark   \\
   2-- 9 & Message data \\
  10--13 & Service info \\
  14     & Checksum     \\
  15     & End mark

But I gave “missing number, treated as zero” instead. After searching in network I found that numbers in LaTeX is something special, and it's looks like \usebox returns complete and glued box, not a text, which cannot be converted back to raw text.

How can I get raw text from every row? Or maybe my understanding is wrong and I missing something simple and important?


It is easier to manipulate count registers than boxes

enter image description here



  2 & Start mark   \\
  8 & Message data \\
  4 & Service info \\
  1 & Checksum     \\
  1 & End mark

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