I'm pretty new to LaTeX and I've been writing my thesis in Texmaker. Right now I'm having problems with adjusting margins in the bibliography. To be more specific, there are weird spacings between the words in the references and the right margin looks bad. See the first figure.

As you can see the right margin looks kind of weird.

And in the next figure one can see that in references 19-21 there are huge gaps between the words and also the are lines where there supposed to be the authors name.

Ugly spacing between words and lines instead of Author-name.

So, yeah. I dont know what to do really. I tried doing line breaks in the bibtex file and that seems to work but in a very inconsistent manner. Can someone help me?


It looks like quite a few of your bibliographic entries contain URL strings, probably in one or both of the following forms:

url  = {....},
note = {\url{...}},

(The outer curly braces, which denote the start and end of the field, may be replaced with ", i.e., double-quote, characters.)

Either way, you should load the url package -- preferably with the options hyphens, spaces, and obeyspaces. That way, LaTeX will be far more likely to find suitable line breaks within the URL strings.

If you happen to load the hyperref package, be sure to load it after loading the url package.

The solid lines in entries 21 and 22 are place-holders for repeated author(s)' names. This feature is governed by the choice of bibliography style. If you can't stand this feature, you will need to switch to a different bibliography style.

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