I have a short command that allows me to highlight some text for internal review purposes. Unfortunately, when I use it in a Caption of a figure it gives me the following error.

Argument of \@textcolor has an extra }. ...MA{This is my comment} More caption text.}
Paragraph ended before \@textcolor was complete. ...MA{This is my comment} More caption text.}

Here is my MWE that generates that error:


\usepackage{graphicx}           % For figures and stuff
\usepackage{xcolor}             % Colors
\usepackage{soul}               % Highlight with \hl

%Colored comments for internal review purposes


Highlighting \MA{in the text} works fine.

    \caption{This is a picture. \MA{This is my comment} More caption text.}


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Macro \MA is not robust for moving arguments like figure captions.

  • Use \protect:

  • Or define a robust command:

    \newcommand{\MA}{}% Error, if \MA is already defined.

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