I am using the biblatex-chicago package and Chicago Manual of Style 17. What is the best way to implement the recommendations in section 14.110: Introductions, prefaces, afterwords, and the like for citing an introduction to a historical text (e.g. Freud's Civilization and Its Discontents) written by another author (e.g. Christopher Hitchens)?

The footnote example given in that section of the Chicago Manual of Style is as follows:

  1. Christopher Hitchens, introduction to Civilization and Its Discontents, by Sigmund Freud, trans. and ed. James Strachey (New York: W. W. Norton, 2010).

I am wondering how to cite this author in bibtex-chicago so that the footnote matches this style. For example, is this something that can be accomplished using @inbook, or is something like @misc needed? The following will not work by itself:

  editor={Christopher Hitchens},
  author={Sigmund Freud},
  booktitle={Civilization and Its Discontents},
  publisher={W. W. Norton},
  address={New York}
  • biblatex provides the entrytype suppbook for such purposes ("this type is provided for elements such as prefaces, introductions, forewords, afterwords, etc."). I'm not sure how biblatex-chicago handles the type, but you can try it out (I can't, for the lack of a minimal working example (MWE)).
    – gusbrs
    Mar 7, 2018 at 21:03

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According to biblatex-chicago's documentation regarding the entrytype suppbook:

This is the entry type to use if the main focus of a reference is supplemental material in a book or in a collection, e.g., an introduction, afterword, or forward, either by the same or a different author. [...][I] have also added functionality which allows you to cite any sort of supplemental material whatever, using the type field. Under this system, simply put the nature of the material, including the relevant preposition, in that field, beginning with a lowercase letter so biblatex can decide whether it needs capitalization depending on the context. Examples might be "preface to" or "colophon of."

Given that, you could use:



  author={Christopher Hitchens},
  type = {introduction to},
  introduction = {xxx},
  bookauthor={Sigmund Freud},
  title={Civilization and Its Discontents},
  translator = {James Strachey},
  editor = {James Strachey},
  publisher={W. W. Norton},
  location={New York}






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