Both \abovetopsep and \belowbottomsep are 0.0pt. But for some reason there's extra space between the bottom rule and "my second caption" in the table below.

Q: What is that space? Where does it come from?

Ultimately, I'd like to do the following:

\setlength{\abovetopsep}{<the width between the bottom rule and "my second caption">}

so that there's some uniformity in the vertical placement of captions above and below tabulars.

Q: Is there another, maybe more standard, method for doing this?

  \caption{my first caption}
    foo & bar \\
    baz & bog \\
  \caption{my second caption}


  • booktabs has nothing to do with captions.
    – egreg
    Jan 22 '12 at 20:12
  • Your code features something that's quite unusual: you have only one tabular environment (and one table environment) but two captions. What are you trying to achieve? One can assign labels to LaTeX captions, which can then be cross-referenced; are you trying to be able to create separate cross-references (e.g., Table 1 and Table 2) to the same floating object? Separately, you may want to develop a style for your paper(s) such that table captions are located either all above or all below the tabular material.
    – Mico
    Jan 23 '12 at 2:03
  • @Mico. I only did that to demonstrate the difference in spacing between captions above and below a tabular. I only intend to have my captions above the tabular. Sorry for the confusion.
    – lowndrul
    Jan 23 '12 at 16:34

Ad 1: As egreg has commented, booktabs has nothing to do with captions. The standard document classes article, book, and report define the lengths \abovecaptionskip (default value: 10pt) and \belowcaptionskip (default value: 0pt). \abovecaptionskip is responsible for the space in your example.

Ad 2 : Have a look at the caption package, especially at section 2.6 "Skips" of its manual.

  • 1
    There are two lengths in booktabs, \abovetopsep and \belowbottomsep that can change the caption spacing. Their default values are zero, but \abovetopsep can be set to the same value as \abovecaptionskip resulting in the same space for captions above and below a table.
    – Danie Els
    Jan 23 '12 at 7:46
  • 2
    @lockstep: great suggestion. I'm now using \usepackage[tableposition=top]{caption} to get the desired result.
    – lowndrul
    Jan 24 '12 at 2:23

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