Can anyone help me to get this kind of structure in latex:

enter image description here

I just don't know even where to start..

Thank you

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    The tag that you used is a good place to start. Please show that you have made some effort before asking others to do so. – Denis Mar 9 '18 at 8:17

There are many options for this, you can try

Here's an example using tikz-qtree

\documentclass[border = 5pt]{standalone}



  \Tree [.S [.DP$\downarrow$ \edge[dashed];  [.DP Uruguay ] ] 
             [.VP [.V wins ] [.DP$\downarrow$ ] ] ]
  \begin{scope}[shift = {(5cm, 0cm)}]
  \Tree [.S [.DP Uruguay ]  
            [.VP [.V wins ] [.DP$\downarrow$ ] ] ]
  \draw[->, yshift = -1.5cm] (2, 0) -- (3, 0);


enter image description here

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