I am currently working on my bachelors thesis and I am using the biblatex package for my citations and so on. Below a minimal example. The book and the patent have all minimal fields filled (author, year, title, number...). When I cite the book, everything looks fine in the bibliography as well as in the footnote:

Autor, Title, Year.

When I cite the patent, LaTeX makes it look like the following:

Author, "Title", Year.

I don't want those " around the title. Any idea of how to get rid of those?



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    style=verbose,citestyle=authortitle-ibid should actually be the same as style=authortitle-ibid. – moewe Mar 12 '18 at 10:45

The formatting is set in the file biblatex.def with


To overwrite this for patents, you can put


into your local biblatex.cfg or your preamble.

For more general information about customizing your BibLaTeX style you might want to take a look at Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles.

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