With the soul package and acronyms in this combination:


there always comes an error like this:

Package glossaries Error: Glossary entry {SKO}' has not been defined. ...piel wäre hier das \hl{"'\acrlong{SKO}"}

Is there a problem to use glossaries within the \hl{}?!

Solution: \hl{\mbox{"'\acrlong{SKO"`}} Just put a \mbox arround the acronym...


Aside from "fixing" it with an mbox, you can also use \soulregister to register the \acrlong command. This will expand the command much like mbox does, but without having to change all occurrences in your document. Use


in your preamble to do this (cmp. https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/139500/223749 for a longer explanation including examples).

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