I am compiling my .tex document with TexMaker and the bib style is


and I get the following error which I don't know what to do with

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (MiKTeX 2.9.6600 64-bit) The top-level auxiliary file: test.aux I couldn't open style file elsarticle-num-names.bst.bst ---line 269 of file test.aux : \bibstyle{elsarticle-num-names.bst : } I'm skipping whatever remains of this command I found no style file---while reading file test.aux (There were 2 error messages)

Can someone offer suggestions to solve this?

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The \bibliographystyle already includes the .bst extension, you don't have to inform it.

Notice the double extension in the error:

couldn't open style file elsarticle-num-names.bst.bst

Use only:

  • ohh I guess I should take a break, I was so blind to not to see this. Thanks @Phelype Oleinik
    – Noname
    Mar 13, 2018 at 17:15
  • 1
    @Noname That's always a good idea :) You're welcome! Mar 13, 2018 at 17:22

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