I'm currently trying to create a uml activity diagram using the tikz-uml package. However, I would like my uml activities to have a simple body instead of the "rectangle split"-like body they have now.

Desired style of activities: Desired style of activities

Current style: enter image description here




    \umlbasicstate [y=-10, rectangle] {I am a state}


I've tried changing line 2988 of tikz-uml.sty from

\tikzstyle{tikzuml state style}=[rectangle split, rectangle split parts=2, rounded corners, inner xsep=1.5ex]


\tikzstyle{tikzuml state style}=[rectangle, rounded corners, inner xsep=1.5ex]

but it doesn't seem to change anything.


You can mix tikz-uml nodes with regular, customizable tikz nodes. In the example below a style is defined for a simple state, to connect to the uml nodes.


\tikzset{singlestate/.style={draw,fill=yellow!20, rounded corners}}

\node[singlestate] at (5,0) (create){Create ticket};
\node[singlestate] at (1,-3)(reproduce){Reproduce issue};
\node[singlestate] at (10,-3)(update){Update ticket};


enter image description here

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