I am currently using LaTeX's built-in reference system, and I want to display all authors in the first occurrence of a citation while abbreviation using "et al." in subsequent citations. If I understand correctly, the longnamesfirst package is only compatible with natbib. What's more, I am required to format citations in a very specific way (besides this all names on first citation requirement). What bibliography system gives me the most control over how citations are formatted?

Is there an alternative to longnamesfirst, preferably in bibtex since I already have .bst and .bib files? Or can these files also be used in other bibliography systems? Which bibliography package would you recommend, and how can I achieve citing all authors on the first citation in that package?

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    I've never heard of a LaTeX package called longnamesfirst; for sure, it doesn't appear to be listed on the CTAN. However, the natbib citation management package recognizes an option called longnamesfirst. As long as the bst file you're working with was created with the help of the makebst utility (open the file and check the first 30 to 40 lines of code to verify), it should be compatible with the natbib citation management package and its longnamesfirst option. – Mico Mar 16 '18 at 14:20

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