I want to make one global folder for all auxiliary files which are produced while compiling .tex file (i.e. .aux, .log, .out, .toc, synctex.gz). I use TeXstudio and I found that I have to change compiling options in Configure TeXstudio > Commands. Now I have

pdflatex.exe -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode -aux-directory="C:\Latex_Aux_Global" %.tex 

for PdfLaTeX, which moves all files except .synctex.gz file. It is possible to move this file to the same directory as all auxiliary files?

My second problem is that I need to use also BibTex and MakeIndex connected with this global folder Latex_Aux_Global. For BibTex I have following command

bibtex.exe "C:\Latex_Aux_Global"/% -include-directory="C:\Latex_Aux_Global".

I don't know in what way I can make such command for MakeIndex. When I use

makeindex.exe "C:\LaTeX_Aux_Global"/%.idx 

to MakeIndex, while compiling I get error Can't create output index file C:\LaTeX_Aux_Global/document.ind. I will be gratefull for any suggestions.


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Moving the synctex file to another folder will essentially make it useless - you could just as well compile without synctex.

However there is ltx2any which

  • keeps your directory clean by keeping all files in a folder of your choice

  • does a few clever things with the synctex file to allow you to still use it with

    ltx2any -synctex filename
  • also works with bibtex and probably makeindex (but I did not test the later)

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