I want to draw diagrams like the ones in the picture of this question.

Is there a tikz package for that? If not, do you have any LaTeX code to look at? I can't find anything.


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   \coordinate (O) at (0,0);
   \coordinate (P) at (5,5);
   \draw[-latex] (O) -- ++(6,0) node[above]{$s$};
   \draw[-latex] (O) -- ++(0,6) node[left]{$t$};
   \draw (O|-P) coordinate (OP)--(P)--(O-|P);
   \draw[thick] (O) -- ([xshift=2cm]O|-P) coordinate (P1);
   \path (O|-P) -- (P1) node[midway,above] {$c_p$};
   \node at (barycentric cs:O=1,P1=1,OP=1) {$p$};
   \path (P1) -- (P) node[midway,above]{$f$} coordinate[pos=1/4] (P2)
   coordinate[pos=1/2] (P3) coordinate[pos=3/4] (P4);
   \path (O) -- (O-|P)    coordinate[pos=1/4] (O2)
   coordinate[pos=1/2] (O3) coordinate[pos=3/4] (O4) node[midway,below]{$f$};
   \foreach \i in {2,3,4} 
   {\draw (O\i) -- (P\i);}
   \coordinate (O) at (0,0);
   \coordinate (P) at (5,5);
   \draw[-latex] (O) -- ++(6,0) node[above]{$s$};
   \draw[-latex] (O) -- ++(0,6) node[left]{$t$};
   \draw (O|-P) coordinate (OP)--(P) coordinate[midway](top) --(O-|P) coordinate
   \path (O|-P) -- (top) node[midway,above]{$f$} coordinate[pos=1/4](x1) 
   coordinate[pos=1/2](x2) coordinate[pos=3/4](x3);
   \path (top) -- (P) node[midway,above]{$f^{-1}$} coordinate[pos=1/4](y3) 
   coordinate[pos=1/2](y2) coordinate[pos=3/4](y1);
   \draw[thick,name path=triangle] (O) -- (top) -- (PO);
   \foreach \i in {1,2,3}
   {\path[name path=X\i] (x\i)--(x\i|-O);
   \path [name intersections={of=triangle and X\i,by={A\i}}];
   \path[name path=Y\i] (y\i)--(y\i|-O);
   \path [name intersections={of=triangle and Y\i,by={B\i}}];
   \draw (x\i) -- (A\i) -- (B\i) -- (y\i);
   \path (O) -- (O-|P) node[midway,below] {$c_p$};

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