I have loaded the acronym package and added an mathenvironment into the options of \acronym. But now the acronym will not be printed bold into the listing of acronyms. How can I print it bold (only in the index not in the body.)?

\usepackage[footnote, printonlyused]{acronym}

        \acro{PC}{personal computer}
        \acro{RAM}{Random Access Memmory}
        \acro{HDD}{hard disk drive}

Some hardware components of a \ac{PC} are the \ac{HDD} and the \ac{RAM}.
A thing that is not a component of a \ac{PC} is \ac{pi}.

To get bold math in the labels you can add \boldmath to the \aclabelfont. Just add


in your preamble.


You could try using the package 'textgreek', and then use \textpi instead of $\pi$.

  • Thank you, but that is not what I am searching for. The $\pi$ was only an example. For any math environment. – Ahrtaler Mar 19 '18 at 10:31

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