I am a linux user myself, and have been using TeX on Linux since the original "T" series of floppy disks as part of the initial Slackware distribution. However, my daughter uses a Mac (OS version 10.9), and wants to install TeX. MacTeX, it seems, is 2.9Gb, and would assuredly include a great deal of stuff she would never need. BasicTeX is only 71Mb but requires a great deal of user work afterwards (so I understand) to ensure you have the packages you need.

Is there some sort of happy medium - a Mac distribution for which the user can choose what gets downloaded and installed? Or is there some sort of third party version of MacTeX which allows something like this? On our not terribly fast (Australian NBN) internet her download manager estimated over 8 hours to download the full MacTeX.

In the meantime I've told her to use ShareLaTeX, but I think in the long term she would want her own local system.


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