I'm trying to switch the language in the bibliography to german, but so far I had no luck with all the hints from the internet.

Here is the code in overleaf, I'm using:

%% Entspricht Zeilenabstand 1.5 in Word

%% für Querformat

%% Rotation des Textes

%% Language and font encodings
\newdateformat{myformat}{\THEDAY{. }\monthnamengerman[\THEMONTH] \THEYEAR}
\usepackage{mathptmx} % Times New Roman ähnliche Schrift
\usepackage[normalem]{ulem} %% Für Unterstrich (\Uline)
\newcommand\tab[1][1cm]{\hspace*{#1}} %% für Tabluator (\tab)
%\addto\captionsenglish{\renewcommand{\referencesname}{Referenz} }
\usepackage{float} %%Bildpositionierung
\restylefloat{figure} %Bildpositionierung
%%% Für Abschnitt %%%
%%\newrefformat{sec}{Abschnitt~\ref{#1}\ auf Seite \pageref{#1}}
%%% Für nur Abschnitte %%%
%%% Für Abbildungen %%%
\newrefformat{fig}{Abbildung~\ref{#1}\ auf Seite \pageref{#1}}
%%% Für Abbildung %%% 
\newrefformat{tab}{Tabelle~\ref{#1}\ auf Seite \pageref{#1}}
%%% Parallele Grafiken %%%

%% Sets page size and margins

%% Useful packages
%% Hyperlink aktiviert / deaktiviert
\usepackage[colorlinks=true, allcolors=blue]{hyperref}
% URL Zeilenumbruch 

% glossary
%End glossary

%end comments

\addto\captionsenglish{\renewcommand{\contentsname}{Inhaltsverzeichnis} }
\addto\captionsenglish{\renewcommand{\glossaryname}{Glossar} }
\addto\captionsenglish{\renewcommand{\refname}{Literaturverzeichnis} }


%\bibliographystyle{gerplain}% or babplain-fl

eg: alphaurl -> works basically, but I get wrong AND instead of UND between two autors

unsrtdin -> Bibliography (?) Error:

enter image description here

Do you have any hints that could work in this setup? Thanks!!

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    @Luke: The bibliographystyle you chose seems to be incompatible with the language specifications of babelbib. Would switching to biblatex be an option for you? – leandriis Mar 25 '18 at 17:03
  • Thanks @leandriis, I now get an biblatex error "incompatible package ucs" -> seems like \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} is used to solve that... but this leads to an other error: Package biblatex Error: File 'main.bbl' not created by biblatex – Luke Mar 26 '18 at 8:06

I ended up with using the comibination:

% Language and font encodings

... at the end, inserting:


With this style, there are no AND used between authors at all... So it's kind of a workaround.

HTH Luke

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  • did you try to load polyglossia package and then use \setmainlanguage{german}? in that case you must compile your document using xelatex or lualatex engine – Yorgos Jan 7 '19 at 16:42

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