I'm getting a few "overfull \hbox" error with compounded words of the "longword1-longword2" kind, with "longword1-" exceeding the margin. This can be solved by defining custom hyphenation ("\long-word1-longword2").

Issue #1: I have many different occurences with different words and I'd like to avoid to manually fix all of them.

Issue #2: I noticed that


does not work, maybe because of the hyphen between the two words.

Issue #3: most of these words are defined using glossary package:


For example, one of the acronyms is defined as

\newacronym{cbm}{CBM}{Condition-based Maintenance}

and when I call it with

...a component (\textit{``\acrlong{cbm}''}) and detect...

the "on-" is exceeding the margin.

I tried the following solutions:

\newacronym{cbm}{CBM}{Condi\-ti\-on-based Maintenance}

\hyphenation{Condi-ti-on-based Condi-ti-on}

and none of them works, while replacing the \acrlong command with the full text Condi-ti-on-based Maintenance does work.

So my questions are:

  1. is there any way to do an automatic hyphenation for these "longword1-" when I am NOT using \acrlong?

  2. is there any way to use custom hyphenation within the \acrlong command?

  3. how do I use \hyphenation{} with words containing a dash?

PS: If it could matter, I'm using book class.

Thank you!

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