I have used miktex to install the package classicthesis.

I have installed the classicthesis layout file.

When I run my file I get a: LateX error: File ../classicthesis.sty not found.

I assumed that miktex has placed the classicthesis style file in the correct folder. Where should it go?

  • The .sty file should go to MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\classicthesis` and the documentation to MiKTeX 2.9\doc\latex\classicthesis`. You should check with MiKTeX console whether it is installed? – Bernard Mar 31 '18 at 10:36
  • I have just found the .sty file in the correct folder, as you suggested. However, I am still getting the same error. – Anthony Macks Mar 31 '18 at 10:48
  • Try running MiKTeX Settings, Refresh FNDB, both as user and as administrator. – Bernard Mar 31 '18 at 12:38
  • Looks like LaTeX is trying to find the file in the parent folder of your document's folder, thus ../ What does the call to classicthesis in your document look like? (the \usepackage command) – PhilipPirrip Mar 31 '18 at 17:58
  • This message was cross-posted here: mail-archive.com/…. @AnthonyMacks please read the following: latex.org/home/latex-community/94-etiquette/454-crossposts – scottkosty Mar 31 '18 at 18:15

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