I'm getting used to the great package tcolorbox. Makes documents much more fun to read for students.

One thing I'd like to do : while numbering theorems is fine, I'd like my definitions, remarks and so on to be unnumbered. And I would like it to be done without having to type \begin{definition*} each time.

I browsed the documentation, and several posts on this site, but couldn't find any easy way. The only thing I found is this trick :


Is there a simpler way to do this ?

Thanks for any help.

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    Is \begin{definition}...\end{definition} simpler than \begin{defin*}...\end{defin*}??? Also, your wrapping of the defin* environment will probably gobble the text content of the environment,unless you provide the 2 mandatory arguments of defin – user31729 Apr 1 '18 at 14:02
  • Addition: Or the one mandatory argument of defin* .... – user31729 Apr 1 '18 at 14:11

You could wrap it in a macro, called, say, \mynicetheoremwrapperforlaziness, this way you get rid of the \begin{...}...\end{...}.

Is that quicker than \begin{defin*}...\end{defin*}? Not really...







\begin{definition}{Mon dieu}




\mynicetheoremwrapperforlaziness[Foo Title]{%




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