First, consider the following index entry:

\index{entry|see{non-existent entry}}

When xindy builds the index, it will complain about the dangling cross-reference:

ERROR: Cross-reference-target ("non-existent entry") does not exist!

We can instruct xindy not to validate the see and seealso cross-references by adding the following to a custom .xdy module:

(define-crossref-class "see" :unverified)
(define-crossref-class "seealso" :unverified)

and passing the name of that module to xindy using the -M parameter.


I like having xindy validate my cross-references so I don't have dangling pointers in my index. Unfortunately, it gives me false errors in the following case:

\index{another entry|see{entry}}

xindy complains:

ERROR: Cross-reference-target ("entry") does not exist!

I assume this is because entry has no locators (page numbers) itself and only has subentries.

How can I get xindy to mark cross-references to such locatorless entries as valid?

  • Any developments on this question? I see the same problem. – John Jun 3 '18 at 21:05
  • @John I haven't resolved this issue yet. I posted an email to the xindy-discuss list, but haven't had any response there yet, either. – godbyk Jun 4 '18 at 14:31

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