Could someone explain me why putting tabular/array environments in captions (figure or table) results in errors. Moreover, the error description does not exactly point to the issue, but just reads

Undefined control sequence 
\hyper@makecurrent ...

What I would like is: include a matrix in a figure caption.

I know: - that my caption compiles normally as text - that

\caption{$\begin{array}{l} r\\ s\\ t\end{array}$}

fails to work.

A similar issue happens in tabu environment: I cannot include \footnote{$\begin{array}{l} r\\ s\\ t\end{array}$}, though I can use \footnote{Text} and can use \footnotemark with \footnotetext{$\begin{array}{l} r\\ s\\ t\end{array}$} after \end{tabu}. Still, \footnotemark / \footnotetext messes up footnote numbering and positioning when several of them exist in the same table, so I wish having regular footnotes.

Thanks for your suggestions

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enter image description here


\savebox{\foo}{$\begin{array}{l} r\\ s\\ t\end{array}$}




  • Thanks a lot. Works perfectly in both environments (figure, footnote inside tabu). \newsavebox{\foo} can occur both before and after \begin{document} (even just before where it is used). Apr 4, 2018 at 16:18
  • Before or after works fine for me. You should make a mystake somewhere. Post as an edit your problematic code.
    – Tarass
    Apr 4, 2018 at 16:21

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