How can I combine the acronym package with the pdfcomment package?

I want that a tool tip will aprear on hovering to a acronym link. How can I combine that?


I'm using a \ac{PKI}... A \pdftooltip{special}{With a tool tip!} word.

And here comes something about \pdftooltip{\acp{CA}}{\aclp{CA}}, but this don't work.

  \acro{PKI}{Public Key Infrastructure}
  \acro{CA}{Certificate Authority}

The problem is that the pdf hyperlink to the acronym list overlies the tooltip. So you can't see the tooltip message of the acronym but of the hyperlink (i.e. Page #1). If you use the nohyperlinks option of the acronym package the pdf hyperlinks will be switched off and you will see the tooltip message of the acronym.

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