I want to make a double braket, such as this one:

enter image description here

Is there any package like physics that does this neatly? Thanks.

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    Have you tried detexify?
    – Alexis
    Apr 6, 2018 at 18:52

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Here is a way to use the useful glyphs from MnSymbol, without changing all maths symbols. Incidentally, I use the math calligraphic fonts from dutchcal. An example code in normal and (partially) bold versions:

\usepackage{bm, amssymb}
\DeclareFontFamily{U} {MnSymbolE}{}
<-6> MnSymbolE5
<6-7> MnSymbolE6
<7-8> MnSymbolE7
<8-9> MnSymbolE8
<9-10> MnSymbolE9
<10-12> MnSymbolE10
<12-> MnSymbolE12}{}
<-6> MnSymbolE-Bold5
<6-7> MnSymbolE-Bold6
<7-8> MnSymbolE-Bold7
<8-9> MnSymbolE-Bold8
<9-10> MnSymbolE-Bold9
<10-12> MnSymbolE-Bold10
<12-> MnSymbolE-Bold12}{}

\DeclareSymbolFont{MnSyE} {U} {MnSymbolE}{m}{n}




$\widehat{\mathcal L} \bigm\vert \rho_{\mathrm{in}} \rrangle$

$\widehat{\mathbcal L} \bigm\vert \rho_{\mathrm{in}}\bm{\rrangle}$


enter image description here



enter image description here

or with use of the package MnSymbol:



enter image description here


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