I am unfortunately an absolute beginner with regards to Latex and am currently trying to create a bibliography that corresponds to the apacite style, but does not contain any links, since the DOI code is enough for me.

Is there a command that makes the links disappear for my code? I would be very happy if someone could help me in a hurry. Below is my code example, I have inserted appropriate placeholders for the quote and the text and the references are pulled from a .bib file.

I've googled a lot already, but only came across descriptions that were so complicated that I couldn't apply them to my simple file.

I would be very pleased to receive an answer! Thank you very much!


\title {Demo Bibtex}






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I don't see any option for turning this off selectively. The following is a bit of a hack but it works. It redefines the apacite URL environment to be empty, and then in that environment only redefines the \url command to be empty. I've also added some code to keep the doi: prefix attached to the actual DOI.

This will not work if you have online resources that only have URLs and don't have DOIs, since it removes all URLs.

    Author = {Landau, Idan},
    Doi = {10.1162/ling.2007.38.3.485},
    Journal = {Linguistic Inquiry},
    Number = {3},
    Pages = {485-483},
    Title = {{EPP} Extensions},
    Volume = {38},
    Year = {2007},
    url = {http://doi.org/10.1162/ling.2007.38.3.485}

output of code

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    Awesome, thanks a lot! Definitely made my day! :-)
    – Michael
    Apr 7, 2018 at 22:25

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